02 August 2019

10 Quotes to Inspire Better CX

Sometimes customer experience can fall by the wayside, so it can benefit us all to be reminded of why it matters in the first place. Below, we’ve broken down some of the most inspiring and insightful CX quotes from visionaries who really understand the value of the customer.

06 February 2019

5 CX Quick Wins Any Business Can Achieve

While overhauling a CX programme or taking on large projects like introducing a new Voice of the Customer initiative can take significant effort, time and financial resources, you should not be discouraged from embarking upon smaller projects to improve and learn about the CX in your organisation. Recent research from Gartner suggests that quick wins can be effective in building the momentum, interest and support needed to inspire a larger commitment to CX.

03 December 2018

CX for Millennials and Gen Z: Tailoring Customer Experience to the Younger Generations

Millennials and Gen Z are an easy target of criticism from older generations, often being criticised for heavily depending on technology and an obsession with social media. But every generation is criticised by their parents’ cohort for behaving a little differently. Yes, Millennials and their Gen Z contemporaries are use smartphones more than any other generation, but for businesses, this provides an opportunity for customer engagement.

This blog post offers a number of key considerations to help you better understand Millennial and Gen Z habits so you can tailor your CX programme to suit a new generation of preferences and expectations.

17 October 2018

How to Respond to Customer Comments: the Good, the Bad & the Ugly

Consumer Generated Content and digital reviews are having a serious effect on businesses, with 90% of customers reading online reviews before deciding to make a purchase. While your business cannot control what customers are saying about you on the Internet, you can control the narrative.

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