12 October 2018

The Top Five Reasons CX Programmes Can Fail

Introducing a CX programme to a business is a huge commitment requiring ample financial backing and effort. The failure rate of IT-enabled business initiatives is 60%, but if you consider the following points, your CX programme doesn’t need to be part of this statistic.

28 September 2018

Check Out Our New White Paper: Strategies to Measure the ROI of a Voice of the Customer Programme

Measuring the financial gains of a programme can be a complicated mix of qualitative, quantitative and finding that some factors are ultimately immeasurable. While calculating the ROI of a VoC programme can be done, some major factors will impact how you go about it.

31 August 2018

The 3 Most Widely Used CX Metrics

In this post we provide a brief outline of the three most widely used CX metrics. While these metrics will be recognisable to people who work in the CX arena, oftentimes people who are not working within the space will not be as familiar.

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