29 November 2019

The Importance of Quality and Quantity in Online Reviews

Whether it's on a social media site, a review platform or a simple product page review, the quantity and quality of online reviews have been proven to have a significant impact on purchase decisions of consumers. Consumers are increasingly aware of the plight of fake reviews on the internet, particularly on sites like Amazon, Google Reviews or TripAdvisor, so many can spot the fake ones from a mile away. While there is nothing you can do about your competitors paying for inauthentic reviews, you can take steps to understand how to improve the quality and quantity of your own customer reviews. 

26 November 2019

Empowering Employees to Do More is the Key to CX Excellence

Sometimes it’s useful to step back and look at anecdotal evidence of what companies do to differentiate at CX. The companies below put CX at the heart of their strategy, below we see a clear pattern of employees being enabled or empowered to go the extra mile and this is a common thread in all of these examples of customer experience. 

20 November 2019

The Value of Customer Loyalty & Retention

Oftentimes a lot of effort can be placed into gaining new customers, but the real value is in retaining your existing customers and increasing their lifetime value with your brand. It is far more expensive to obtain a new customer than it is to keep your repeat customers coming back (5x to be exact). Below we will discuss some key points that emphasise the value of customer retention and the importance of investing in your loyalty programme. 

15 November 2019

Common CX Benchmarking Mistakes to Avoid

To obtain great customer experience and benchmark the right way, avoid these four common mistakes to ensure the effort you put in is worthwhile. 

07 November 2019

How To Bring Personalisation to the Customer Journey

Personalisation is an important tool to drive customer loyalty and improve the overall customer experience. While it is of particular necessity to retail and eCommerce businesses, the importance of personalisation should not be ignored by any other customer-facing industry. 

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