07 November 2019

How To Bring Personalisation to the Customer Journey

Personalisation is an important tool to drive customer loyalty and improve the overall customer experience. While it is of particular necessity to retail and eCommerce businesses, the importance of personalisation should not be ignored by any other customer-facing industry. 

05 November 2019

Best Practices for Website Pop-Up Surveys

31 October 2019

Tips for Benchmarking CX

Customer experience benchmarking provides businesses with valuable insight into how customer expectations are being met across the customer journey. By using benchmark analysis to compare performance across your own business or industry, you can track progress and use the valuable insight to tailor you CX in a more targeted and insightful way. 

29 October 2019

CGC for B2B

When we think about Consumer-Generated Content (CGC), also known as User-Generated Content (UGC), we tend to think of examples that really work for B2C marketing efforts. As we've discussed before, CGC is any kind of unpaid content created by your customers in promotion of your brand, rather than by your own marketing team. This is the type of content that can be shared widely across social media, such as photos and videos, or can just as easily be review site or product testimonials. Essentially, CGC turns your brand's valued customers into content creators and brand ambassadors. 

24 October 2019

Contact Centre Surveys - What Data Should You Integrate?

Integrating data is a no brainer for any Voice of the Customer (VoC) programme, but you need to understand what data should be integrated for each part of the customer journey. It is the deep context that the right integration gives that can deliver the conditions that are necessary to drive positive customer experience outcomes.

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