10 July 2019

4 Easily Avoidable VoC Survey Design Flaws

A successful customer experience survey should prioritise the quality of responses as well as quantity. Customer experience must extend to the survey being completed. Creating a survey isn’t just about getting answers to the questions you want to improve your business. You need to factor in user experience and design practices when you send out a survey. If it frustrates your customer to navigate your survey or if it takes them 15 minutes to complete, inevitably boring them, your survey design isn’t very good and the quality of your results will be negatively impacted.

Poor survey design can apply to aesthetic issues, practical issues, and issues with the questions you ask. More serious flaws that can really affect your results can be in the questions themselves. 

06 June 2019

Case Study: CX Index and ATB Financial

In 2018, CX Index was chosen by ATB Financial as their Voice of the Customer (VoC) provider, tasked with helping them as they embarked on a new journey with the Genesys as their contact centre infrastructure.

We teamed up with ATB to develop a case study on our journey together thus far. In this blog post, we’ve outlined some of the key findings from our partnership with ATB to date.

08 May 2019

Kill Two Birds by Tackling Customer Churn through Employee Engagement

Keeping your customers happy so that they don’t leave for a competitor can be more easily said than done in some instances, but the key to prioritising customer experience may actually be through a less direct channel - prioritising your employees first.

08 April 2019

Improving CX through the Contact Centre

This blog will advise you how to improve customers’ experiences with a strategic Voice of the Customer programme in place.

27 March 2019

Top Tips for Increasing Your Survey Response Rates

Below are our top tips to improve the quantity and quality of your survey responses.

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