24 January 2020

Don't Exhaust Your Customers - How To Avoid the Perils of Survey Fatigue

To perform a robust and comprehensive survey of your customer base you need a high quantity of high-quality responses. If you are keen on improving your company's customer experience (CX) you are likely excited about getting as much customer feedback from your customers as possible. While your enthusiasm for your feedback surveys is great, your customers likely do not enjoy filling them out as much as you may enjoy sending them. 

21 January 2020

Why You Should Introduce NLP to Your CX Strategy

14 January 2020

Five Steps to Improve Employee Experience

It is well established that employee experience and customer experience are inextricably linked, but all too often executives focus on CX to the detriment of EX. As an employer, it is your responsibility to equip your employees with a rewarding work environment to enable them to do the best job they can and engender positive experiences. Implementing some of the suggestions below can help you to offer your employees a supportive and productive environment and demonstrate that you are committed to their success and wellbeing. 

06 January 2020

VOC Integration 101

A successful Voice of the Customer programme requires integration with other systems for a holistic view of customer experience. The feedback obtained solely from customers along their journey, while compelling on its own, isn’t enough to drive strategic change across an organisation. Data from places such as your CRM, ERP and contact centre infrastructure should be considered required to derive actionable, comprehensive insights from your VOC solution. 

04 December 2019

Top 10 Contact Centre KPIs

Between QA, feedback and insight that can be inferred from things such as call duration and other meta-data, there is a large amount of measurement and analysis that can be done to monitor the quality and operational performance of contact centres. Whether it's IVR, chat or email being used to serve your customers, each channel should be measured and managed to ensure customer needs are being met effectively and efficiently.

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