13 February 2020

How to Share Customer Feedback with Your Employees

A safe way to engage your employees and to promote transparency amongst your teams is to share customer feedback with them. This is of particular importance for the oft under-appreciated frontline employees who interact with your customers on a day-to-day basis. Making your employees aware of what customers are saying about them and their team members, whether positive or negative, can really motivate your employees’ performance as there is much to be learned. Realistically, there are right and wrong ways of doing this. Taking the wrong approach could be counterproductive, leaving your staff confused, disappointed or distracted. The suggestions below should help constructively share feedback, adding value to your employee engagement strategy.

07 February 2020

The CX Books We're Reading Now

We have developed a list of some of the most interesting customer experience focused books out there. Broken into three categories (Brands, Loyalty and Delight), these are the books you should read if you are looking for inspiration to recharge your organisation’s existing CX programme or infuse a new mindset of customer-centricity into your operations. 

05 February 2020

Improving the Hold Time Experience in Your Contact Centre

While hold times are inevitable in some instances, if there is a consistent trend towards long hold times in your contact centre, you must take steps to alleviate the problem. This is an enormous point of frustration for customers and is entirely avoidable. Customers don’t understand what is going on behind the scenes of a contact centre, so their patience for wait times is very limited. Being kept on hold for a long period of time can turn a neutral or positive customer very quickly into an angry one, so shorter hold times should be a major priority for improving your contact centre. 

30 January 2020

CX-based Compensation Systems - Do They Work?

Many companies have adopted CX-based compensation systems as a means to encourage employees to improve CX based on metrics obtained through customer feedback. While these compensation schemes are popular, they often backfire, creating more harm than good. There are alternative methods to reward your employees for progress that should be considered before adopting a CX-based compensation system.

24 January 2020

Don't Exhaust Your Customers - How To Avoid the Perils of Survey Fatigue

To perform a robust and comprehensive survey of your customer base you need a high quantity of high-quality responses. If you are keen on improving your company's customer experience (CX) you are likely excited about getting as much customer feedback from your customers as possible. While your enthusiasm for your feedback surveys is great, your customers likely do not enjoy filling them out as much as you may enjoy sending them. 

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